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A truck being loaded with a large pile of logs for transportation

Premium Selection Of Seasoned Logs In Ashford

At Kelvin's Forestry & Fencing, I'm your local partner for premium seasoned logs in Ashford. As a well-established and trusted local business, I take pride in offering high-quality firewood to meet your needs.

Contact me today for a reliable supply of seasoned logs. Benefit from my service and free quotes.

High Quality

Well Established

Local Business

Experience The Warmth And Efficiency Of Premium Seasoned Logs

Whether you're lighting up your fireplace or stocking up on your wood-burning stove, my air-dried seasoned and kiln-dried logs ensure a clean and long-lasting burn. With Kelvin's Forestry & Fencing, you can trust in my commitment to quality and satisfaction. Kelvin's Forestry & Fencing proudly serves Ashford and the surrounding areas. My commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets me apart as the premier choice for seasoned logs and forestry services in the region. Contact me to get exceptional quality seasoned logs.

A truck carrying logs in its bed, ready for transportation

Get Kiln Dried Logs On Request

Discover the superior quality of my kiln-dried logs, available on request. My meticulous drying process ensures optimal moisture levels, resulting in logs that burn hotter and cleaner. Experience the difference with Kelvin's Forestry & Fencing. Whether you’re fueling a wood stove, fireplace, or outdoor fire pit, my kiln-dried logs are ideal for any setting. Experience the reliability and performance of logs that deliver consistent heat and an enjoyable burning experience every time.

Air Dried Seasoned Logs

Looking for premium firewood? My air-dried seasoned logs are the perfect choice. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on quality, I guarantee a consistent supply of seasoned logs that meet your heating needs. Trust Kelvin's Forestry & Fencing for all your firewood requirements. Whether you need firewood for heating your home, cooking, or enjoying a cosy outdoor fire, my air-dried seasoned logs are the perfect solution. Kelvin's Forestry & Fencing is dedicated to providing firewood that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

A bag filled with wood sitting on top of a woodpile
A wooden fence in a vast field under a clear blue sky

Chesnut Produce & Chestnut Sussex Rails And Posts

In addition to seasoned logs, I also offer chestnut produce, including Sussex rails and posts. Explore my range of quality products and enhance your outdoor space with Kelvin's Forestry & Fencing. Ideal for traditional and rustic fencing, my Sussex rails provide a robust and attractive barrier. They are perfect for agricultural, residential, or decorative fencing projects. Moreover, durable and strong, my chestnut posts are perfect for supporting fencing, garden structures, or as standalone features in your landscape design.

Buy Your Seasoned Logs Today

Contact Me For Premium Seasoned Logs.

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